Can I sue for food poisoning UK?

Can I sue for food poisoning UK?

You may have a strong suspicion that this particular dinner in this restaurant made you sick. But this can be difficult to prove, especially if a significant amount of time has passed between a meal and illness. It is important to consider (especially that you can be sure that the restaurant and everyone else you meet will ask) if something else got sick. Can I sue for food poisoning UK?

Symptoms of food poisoning

  • Symptoms of food poisoning can be very uncomfortable and may include:
  •  Vomiting
  •  Diarrhea
  •  Fever
  •  Dehydration
  •  Stomach cramps
  •  Upset stomach

Most symptoms usually disappear after one or two days and can be treated with over-the-counter medications from a local pharmacist.

But in some cases, vomiting and diarrhea can cause dehydration, serious injuries and hospital treatment.

Can I sue for food poisoning UK?

When can claims help me directly?

Due to the complex nature of proving the source of food poisoning, we can only consider cases where you fell ill in Great Britain and where you were sick for at least 2 weeks due to food poisoning. If you think you fit this description, please contact us and one of our friendly advisers will help you with your claim. We can also help in cases of serious allergic reaction in which someone else may have been neglected.

Is it worth filing a personal injury claim?

Nobody likes to get sick, especially because of food poisoning. This is uncomfortable and disturbing in a variety of scenarios. Suppose you are sure that you can prove that the restaurant has caused food poisoning. If the only result is a dozen or so journeys to the bathroom and a few days of feeling under the influence of the weather, it may not be profitable (in time and financial terms) to pursue a legal claim. Your losses (“damages” in legal language) may not add up.

  • Severe food poisoning, which caused significant pain, diarrhea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids. It will also be a compartment for those who were unable to work because of their symptoms. £ 30,630 – £ 41,860
  • Food poisoning when the symptoms are severe but short-lived and include intestinal discomfort and a degree of malfunction. If you have also experienced a lack of eating pleasure and / or sexual ability, these factors will also be included in this range. £ 7,600 – £ 15,300
  • Food poisoning causing significant discomfort, stomach cramps, loss of bowel function and fatigue. In these cases you may sometimes need to be admitted to hospital. Symptoms may persist for several weeks, but complete recovery may take up to two years. £ 3,150 – £ 7,600
  • Symptoms of cramps, diarrhea that lasted for several days or weeks. £ 730 – £ 3,150



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